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Stock picks of undervalued small caps market.

Gain from the market even if you have never invested before.

Make money on the short term small caps market using any of the online discount brokers with no dependence on advise from mutual funds investment experts. Proven monthly profits provides you with the basis for an aggressive short term investment strategy that generates great gains in very short periods.

Don't know how to invest? and I'll train you in all aspects of online investing

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Warren Buffet once said

- "The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule." That's why we spread our risk to the max.

- "Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it." Did you know that 90% of the investors buy in the high of the sawtooth effect of the charts? Look at these numbers and see how many shares were bought on the low and how many were bought on the high. You can see hundreds of examples like this every single day.

- "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing."And we do!

We follow these advises to the T and if you do too, you'll know why we're so bullish about our strategy.

You buy the stocks we recommend while they are priced low, and sell them as soon as possible with a 21% profit margin, which is usually very easy. Your goal is to turn your capital as fast as possible, thus generating wealth, while avoiding long term losses.

You know, daily, exactly what you should be buying, at what price you should be buying it, and at what price you should be selling. Period. See daily results of it, with specific details, exact entry and exit prices. Exact gains or losses.

Our strategy is very simple, but VERY PROFITABLE... It is based in 6 principles:
  • Turnover – The more times you turn your stock (capital), the higher is your profit.
    Your profits will come from turning your money many times throughout the year.
  • Geometric Progression – Your goal is to make a profit of 10% on your capital every month.
    Did you know ? If you invested $ 0.01 (1 cent) and could double (turn-over) your earnings every day, you would make $ 1.000.000 in only 27 days ?
  • Statistics – If a fact repeats itself consistently for a number of times, your can expect it to happen again, again and again. It becomes a pattern to be watched and followed.
    If you look at stock charts, you see a saw tooth effect. We buy exactly in the low of that effect and sell exactly in the high of that effect, and do it consistently, every single day.
  • Law of Gravity - Whatever goes up, usually comes down …faster than we expect. So, we don't wait for the market to drop before we sell.
  • Volatility – Never put all your eggs in one single basket, because if it falls (which happens frequently) you lose all your eggs. You should spread your capital in as many stocks as possible.
  • KISS – Keep it simple, stupid !!!!!!! The simpler the system, the easier to keep track of it. There's no simpler system than ours. All you have to do is visit your members only page, choose one or more of the 9 choices available daily and buy. It is that simple. No research is necessary.
This strategy has been successful for us in at least 90% of the times.

This is how you gain

You choose one or several of the 9 stocks we pick every night and place orders to buy at the prices we are buying (BUY FOR $) immediately after you see our picks, which are posted here everyday after 8 PM ET (but before 8 AM ET next day). It is very important that your buying order is placed before or during the session of the very next day as the window of opportunity may disappear.

Very Important:To avoid losses, never buy more than $1000 of each stock, but buy as many as your capital affords you. The more you spread your risk through as many stocks as possible, the safer you are from the volatily which is typical of the stocks we select. As your capital starts to grow, keep an average of at least 9 stocks in your portfolio (dividing equally the amount invested in each stock), but prefer to have as many as possible, even 100 or 200 different ones. Our profits comes from the average of the gains and losses we have everyday, always waiting to have more gains than losses, of course!

Once the order is in, wait. If the prices don't come down enough in that day, you either accept to buy for slightly more or simply wait until it comes down to the target price (we wait up to 30 days). Otherwise, simply cancel the order and choose another stock.It is extremely important to buy at or very near the target price.

If the order is filled, wait until the suggested sale price is reached, then place a protection order (either a limit stop or trailing stop) at or above the sale price already reached, updating the protection order everyday to gain as much as possible from the volatility of the stock (SELL FOR $). Be patient and wait until the sell occurs. It may take a couple of days, a couple of weeks or up to 60 days. Be patient and wait.

Check daily at your Broker to see how your order is going. If you ordered a sell and the target price is taking too long to reach (we wait up to 60 days), you may accept to sell for slightly less. It is up to you, but remember that our success is based on constant turnover of stocks, because the real trick is in the buying not in the selling. Once you sold, simply repeat the process over and over again.

Don't forget to use the broker's money to your benefit. Margin is a very profitable tool and we use it all the time. We consider it Easy, Cheap Money, because you can borrow up to 100% of the value of your stocks without any restraints such as credit worthiness, depending only on the amount of money you have invested and the actual value of the stocks in your portfolio. The criteria for margin requirements varies from broker to broker, so you have to shop around for the best rates and percentage put at your disposal. A good margin program can actually double your buying power.

You'll find proof of profits from our daily predictions of the best undervalued small caps stocks from Dow, Nyse, Amex and Nasdaq.

If you don’t like it, it won’t cost you a dime, but it can be the a very profitable click and you'll only know it if you act now.
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